3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Automation

Far from being a new concept, the current Coronavirus pandemic, and the need for safe working and social distancing, is driving more and more businesses towards automating processes that were previously considered sufficiently safe and economical to be carried out manually.

This ‘automation’ question is bringing new businesses into the sector and many may have little or no experience of specifying or purchasing such systems. So, as automation system experts and system integrators, we’re here to prepare these businesses so that the automation systems they purchase are specified, installed, delivered and perform effectively.

The benefits of an automated assembly line

An automated assembly line offers an abundance of benefits, from reducing the risks involved in repetitive and monotonous tasks to unleashing trapped creative and decision-making potential within your workforce. The concept of automation is born from the idea that human resources have far more capabilities than mundane tasks allow them to utilise and by implementing automated assembly lines in your business, they can thrive on this additional capacity.

Partner with an assembly line specialist

Identify an automation system partner that can engage directly with you on your automation project at the design concept stage, right through to providing the electrical and mechanical installation and ongoing service locally to your site. It’s important to avoid any unnecessary complications due to travel restrictions or delays and consider how quickly your partner can respond to any requests you have. Additionally, choose an automation system partner that offers a transparent working relationship so you are fully aware of project progress at all stages of the process.

Map out automated assembly line ideas

We suggest flowcharting and simplifying your manual process with your team. Ask what are the inputs to the system? How do they vary? What are the outputs from the system? What are the alerts, warnings and safety signals to ensure safety and control are maintained? Do not be afraid to use a pencil and paper when working out the design concept. Your automation system partner will take your concept in whatever form and turn it into a Functional Design Specification (FDS) as the principal document defining the automation project. This should be easy for you to follow through alongside your original concept.

Consider the long-term plan

Automation is expensive and may require multi-year solutions for financing. However, this is an opportunity to develop your business process and model to bring about greater efficiencies and long-term sustainability and competitiveness. The initial investment now is a precursor for the savings you could make going forwards. And with the future so uncertain, implementing an automated assembly line can remove many of the unknowns and provide a smoother transition into the digital age.

Automated assembly lines from Elmleigh

Not only will an automation solution from Elmleigh provide for the immediate issues that the Coronavirus brings, but it will also provide operational benefits to you, your business and to your team’s overall well-being and effectiveness. Talk to an automation specialist at Elmleigh today.

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