Elmleigh are proud members of the AMHSA!

The Automated Material Handling Systems Association represents over 60 of the sector’s leading companies that between them, supply the majority of automated handling equipment that is purchased within the UK.

Elmleigh proudly take up membership of AMHSA to further strengthen and extend our relationships with the major suppliers of automated handling equipment purchased in the UK. The aim is to promote our expert project management, automated systems, and installation resources in partnership with those major providers. A niche service that complements the portfolios of existing members, we shall combine in providing the country with the additional automation of manufacturing and distribution activities that are so essential to maintain economic growth through operational efficiencies whilst extending the well-being and quality of life of the ever-diminishing national workforce.


What does the AMHSA aim to do?

AMHSA members are committed to promoting excellence in the handling automation in terms of solutions, through after sales support, reliability and safety.

  • Maintaining a high standard of integrity in all working relationships
  • Fostering the highest possible competence and expertise
  • Complying with both the letter and spirit of the appropriate legislation
  • Discharging any obligations to which they have agreed
  • Rejecting working practice which might reasonably be deemed improper
  • Ensuring the availability of appropriate training for staff
  • Raising their own standard of professional competence by taking advantage of any training that may be made available
  • Declaring any interest that may conflict with impartiality in contractual matters
  • Not divulging any confidential information which may be received in the course of negotiations and not seeking to use such information to their advantage.


What’s our contribution to the AMHSA?

The aims of the AMHSA are qualities that are embedded within Elmleigh and the essence of our brand message, stakeholder principles and service offering. We are excited by the prospect of forging stronger and deeper relationships with fellow members as we engage in the events and networking opportunities to come. Our efforts will uphold the AMHSA principles whilst providing opportunity for diversification and strengthening of our own organisation.

At Elmleigh, we strive to provide the very best automated systems and system integrations to our customers through our wealth of experience and knowledge. If you are interested in learning more or want to make an enquiry, then please, contact us here.

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