Elmleigh Sponsors Local Futsal Team

At Elmleigh, we love supporting our employees in their out-of-work activities and are proud to be sponsoring the brand-new Croft Juniors Futsal Team!

Who are Croft Juniors?

Croft Juniors are a local football club playing at Winston Av. In Croft. Set up in 2013, the club has expanded to include 5 Under 9s teams to allow more play time for the 46 children signed up to the club within that age group! This year (2020) Crofts Juniors set up a new Futsal team to add to the range of activities they offer to local children. Played indoors, Futsal is a 5-a-side game played with a slightly heavier ball than football. It’s largely the same with a few key changes to keep the sport fresh.

Elmleigh’s Sponsorship

Our Operations Coordinator, Frazer Hubbard coaches the Croft Cobalts, one of the five under 9s team that his son, Noah, plays within. With the new Futsal team starting up, the club were seeking much needed sponsorship so the new team could look the part when they joined the league and started playing their first games.

Training three times a week, including a mixed goalkeeper session, two age-group training sessions, and a Sunday league match (pre-COVID!) the addition of Futsal will give the boys a chance to grow together as a team even further and open up their experiences to new games and people.

Frazer says, "The progression of the team over the last 2 years is their biggest achievement. All the lads have progressed as individuals but when they're together, they work really hard for each other which is great to see. I'm proud to be sponsored by Elmleigh. They all know how much sport means to me outside of work and to have them help me to help the lads is a great feeling. When the team has a fresh kit which looks as good as this it helps them just play and have fun which is exactly what we promote at Croft."

Chris Southwell, General Manager also adds, “We’ve long been keen to endorse the out of work activities of our valued employees such as Frazer Hubbard, Operations Coordinator for our Control Panel Assembly facility. It seems that Frazer’s own strong sporting legacy continues with his involvement in coaching, managing and generally doing all things necessary to keep his lads Croft Cobalts football team going.

It’s so very positive and typical of Frazer’s approach to life. Our modest financial donation for kit is the very least that we could do to support him and we’re really pleased that the Elmleigh name and logo will be helping to motivate valued activities in the community, especially through this most difficult Covid-19 lockdown period.”

Look out for these little champions in the making!


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