Elmleigh Welcomes New Technical Manager, Neale Bassford

How did you get into the electrical installation industry?

I have always been interested in how things work and decided to do an apprenticeship in electrical engineering that gave me practical skills as well as the technical theory. After completing my apprenticeship my first real opportunity was when I joined Elmleigh in 1993 as an Electrical Engineer. This provided me with a great springboard into my career.

What was the number one reason you joined Elmleigh?

I believe that Elmleigh has a vision for the future with a plan for continuous improvement within the electrical installation industry. It’s great to be back, and I feel like I have always been part of the Elmleigh family.

Which aspect of the job as a Technical Manager are you most excited about?  

To be able to contribute to the progression and expansion of our engineers’ knowledge. I’m also going to be helping to provide structured standards, working procedures and methods which will benefit the company as a whole as well as contribute to the success of individual employees.

What industry qualifications have you got or are working towards?

I’ve already achieved the following: JIB approved Electrical Engineer and Certified SCADA developer, and I look forward to being able to add to my qualifications which will aid both me and the business.

Tell us about an average day in the electrical installation industry, if there is one!

Most days consist of communication with fellow employees and interaction with customers which is the primary objective. Having to react to challenges is what makes the day exciting and ensures no two are ever the same. This gives a necessary variation but also allows me and the team to see an end result and say “We made that work!”.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?

I’m a member of a running club completing various 10k and half marathon events. I have completed one full marathon and I am currently training towards an ultra-marathon. I also love classic car restoration, attending classic mini owners club events when I can.

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