Employee Spotlight - Cameron Busby

Cameron Busby from Renmoor Academy in Hackley has been with Elmleigh this week and has had the opportunity to see the work that we do in various areas of the business as part of his study programme. We hope t have provided a varied week demonstrating the processes and procedures of a busy and progressive company and bringing some insight into a future career choice.

As part of our commitment, we sat down together at the end of the week to ask some questions about the experience  at Elmleigh as week as some fun questions at the end:

How have you enjoyed your time at Elmleigh?

I have enjoyed my time at Elmleigh very much, it has shown me what a good workplace is really like!

What did a typical day for you look like?

I would arrive at 8:30 am every day, do various different tasks and be taught about different areas within the business throughout the day, it provided a great learning experience.

What do you consider the most exciting activity at Elmleigh?

The activities I enjoyed working on the most were the workshop and invoicing. They both allowed me to gain an insight into how the business works both on the practical end and how important it is to manage incomings into the business.

What is your favourite thing about the week?

My favourite part of the week was having the opportunity to work in the workshop, it was great to see how everything was put together and how to project ideas develop into working parts.

What have you learnt about yourself during the week?

I have learnt that I need to be a little more confident when trying new things and interacting, I have also learnt that I am good at the practical aspects within Elmleigh.

How would you balance a career in industry with your family/personal times?

I would ensure to perform at my best whilst at work at working hours, then use my spare time to see my friends and family and use my leave to go on holiday and have a break.

How has Elmleigh helped in your career aspirations?

Working at Elmleigh has allowed me to gain an insight into a lot of different types of jobs within one business, allowing me to better understand what sort of path I will need to take and what sector I would like to work in the most.

If given the chance, who would you want to be for one day only?

Gus Hamer!

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