How EPLAN Helped Elmleigh To Grow

We first began to utilise EPLAN solutions in 2018 after realising that traditional CAD packages were becoming too time-consuming and manual. We were looking for a more suitable CAE software tool that would allow us to work to a higher output whilst reducing design time.

This is when we identified EPLAN as the perfect schematic and panel design tool that to this day, remains at the core of our investment, allowing us to push the capabilities and capacity of the design team here at Elmleigh.

Below, is an overview of the project challenges and solutions put together by EPLAN:

The Challenges

  • Reducing design time - manual drawings of electrical schematics and 2D layouts were time-consuming and labour intensive compared to the speed and efficiency of creating 3D electrical system models through EPLAN Pro Panel.
  • Optimising the use of high-value engineering skills - linked to the above, the company wanted to maximise the skills and expertise within its electrical engineering team as well as enhance job satisfaction among team members by reducing the amount of time spent creating schematics and increasing the focus on new innovative solutions.
  • Higher quality design - EPLAN‘s 3D electrical control panel design solution delivered far better quality and greater design accuracy, providing more information and greater detail for both design engineers and assembly technicians.
  • Business Development - Elmleigh were looking for opportunities to improve internal processes, as well as productivity and efficiency levels, to support business development and future expansion.

The Solutions

  • EPLAN Pro Panel - design in a 3D environment, creating a digital twin as the foundation for control panel assembly.
  • EPLAN Data Portal - more than one million components from the product catalogues of more than 350 global manufacturers which can be imported directly into EPLAN projects.
  • Support - a global support desk for software users, which also provides access to annual updates, including the latest software versions.
  • EPLAN eVIEW - cloud collaboration offering effortless sharing and communication of project data with key stakeholders (both internal and external)
  • EPLAN Services - implementation and configuration of EPLAN software, as well as virtual and in-person training courses across different engineering trades.
  • Phoenix Contact Clip Project Complete Export - data is exported directly from EPLAN to Phoenix Contact label printers via the Phoenix Contact Project Complete software which can be integrated into EPLAN Pro Panel.
  • Rittal Therm - calculation program for enclosure climate control which can be used online or via the interface with EPLAN Pro Panel.

To find out more about our collaboration with EPLAN, or how they might be able to help you, read the full article posted by EPLAN here.

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