Shane Thacker Joins Elmleigh as a Lead Electrician

As we kick-start 2021 with a bang, we’re excited to welcome a number of new personnel to Elmleigh. Firstly, we’re introducing Shane Thacker, our new Lead Electrician. With over a decade of experience in electrical installations, Shane plans on using his extensive knowledge to successfully help to install projects at our client sites in the food & drink manufacturing and parcel sortation sectors.

We sat down with Shane to find out a little more about his goals and how he plans to carve out the next steps in his career.

How did you get into the electrical installation industry?

I started my journey in the electrical industry working alongside my stepdad on breweries for a couple of years, before working on various power stations and national grid sites for 15 years. The experience gained in these roles has certainly led me to where I am today.

What was the number one reason you joined Elmleigh?

I needed a change from the power generation, transmission and distribution industry, and working locally was also a major reason for me joining Elmleigh. In addition, I’m extremely excited about learning about automation and control systems in the food process, packaging and parcel sortation industry. I feel there’s plenty I don’t know yet.

Which aspect of the job as a Lead Electrician are you most excited about?

Being able to learn about a new sector of industry and be that person in charge of installing a project on site. The electrical installations sector is huge and Elmleigh offers the opportunity to explore yet another area.

What industry qualifications have you got or are working towards?

I am about to take my 18th edition exam with the SSSTS Health and Safety qualification ro follow. I’m also working towards a testing and inspection qualification and in the future want to pursue a HNC study programme to help further progress my career and allow me to take on more responsibilities.

Tell us about an average day in the electrical installation industry, if there is one!

Most days can be quite challenging, we are always very busy! If it’s not putting containment up or pulling cables, glanding and terminating, working to wiring diagrams and schematic drawings, it could be something as simple as wiring a 16A plug.

What keeps you busy when you’re not at work?

Having two children, a little boy and girl, certainly keeps me busy when I am not at work. Me and my wife like to also go out on the motorcycle exploring new areas of the country we have not been to. Obviously when we have time.

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