The Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems

Why ask your most valued assets, your employees, to bend, reach, stretch, twist, carry and lift? Their mind’s decision making and creativity is their most prized capability and to alleviate manual tasks through effective automation will release the potential within each to do more! It is a concept that arguably drives the automation industry and leads to the development of a better society. It’s a grand opening statement but installing an automated conveyor system to transport objects between points of activity in a safe, efficient and controlled manner is often the starting point to creating an environment where operational efficiencies are continually challenged and improved through system design.

What is an automated conveyor system?

An automated conveyor system can be described as a material handling system, used for transporting goods from point A to point B. There are a number of different conveyor systems available on the market including roller, wheel, or belt systems, powered either manually, by motors, or through the force of gravity. Motorised conveyor systems that offer advanced automation, however, have some fundamental benefits that can be quickly realised.

Unlock increased productivity and well-being

Time is of the essence in business and when it comes to employee productivity, automating mundane tasks such as moving or transporting objects can have a huge impact on the output of employees. By putting a greater emphasis on value-adding activities and encouraging your workforce to focus on decision making and creativity, businesses can release under-utilised potential, improving processes and ultimately increasing their bottom line. Allowing employees to thrive in their workplace and face challenges can also hugely improve the well-being of your workforce creating a happier, healthier environment.

Reduce the risk of injury with automation

Downtime within a commercial or industrial environment, whether it be planned or unexpected, can have a negative impact on a business and its processes. With the installation of an automated conveyor system, businesses can instantaneously eliminate the risk of downtime due to human error or injury associated with the manual transportation of goods throughout a site. Automated conveyor systems can alleviate the risk of injury through collision, strain or RSI, ensuring your workforce remains healthy, focused and on-task at all times.

Engage your operatives in system redesign

Your employees are the backbone of your business and they know your processes better than anyone else. Engaging operatives in the creative activity of system redesign ensures your automated conveyor system will meet the expectations and requirements needed to meet your business goals. By bringing together the minds of people across your business, your automated conveyor system can do more than just replace manual materials handling. It can truly transform your business.

Automated conveyor systems from Elmleigh

Elmleigh have been designing and installing automated conveyor systems in the food & drink and parcel sortation sectors for over 35 years. With a depth of experience and capabilities, we will partner with you in identifying opportunities to automate your processes.

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