Benefits of having an ATEX approved contractor

Explosions are a serious health and safety risk, and it is important to be aware of how easily they can happen. Explosions can occur in a number of different environments and industries. If your organisation operates in a hazardous setting, an ATEX certified supplier is essential! Here at Elmleigh, we see ATEX certification as vital, incredibly beneficial, and are proud to offer our ATEX approved services.

What is an ATEX certification?

ATEX stands for “Atmospheres Explosibles” which guarantees the safe use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. European Union directives state ATEX testing is required to keep workers safe in atmospheres where air, an ignition source AND either flammable gases, mists or vapor, and combustible dust are present. Find out more about ATEX Certifications.

What are the benefits of having an ATEX approved contractor?

1. Keeping employees safe

A key benefit of having an ATEX approved contractor, is that they can ensure your workers and environment are safe. This gives your team reassurance and reduces any concerns they may have regarding working in a dangerous environment. This not only offers them peace of mind, but may increase their productivity as they know they can work safely and effectively. It also helps to prevent accidents in the future, which in turn helps to save costs, as accidents can be very expensive.

2. Wide range of applications

ATEX certification has a significant range of applications. From factories to processing plants, and from refineries, to mines.  
Additionally, a wide range of industries require ATEX certifications. Including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Transport and logistics

This highlights the variety of different industries and companies who could benefit by having an ATEX certification, showing the far-reaching applications it has.

3. Identify potential risks

Complying with ATEX standards shows that Elmleigh are aware of potential risks of explosions in your business’ setting. It demonstrates to staff, customers and authorities that we take health and safety seriously in your environment. It also helps you to introduce measures to prevent future accidents happening and establish contingency plans by treating safety as a priority.

4. More attractive to customers

By obtaining ATEX certification, we at Elmleigh hope that we are more attractive to customers.  We wish to be seen as responsible and dependable and show that we can be entrusted to help you work safely. By having an ATEX approved contractor like Elmleigh, you know you are in safe hands.

Any contractor or supplier who is not fully compliant with ATEX certifications, may be subject to sanctions, which could endanger and disrupt your business. This could have ramifications for your staff, customers and operations. Choosing a contractor who is ATEX approved helps reassure you that you are operating as safely as possible.

How Elmleigh can help

If you are looking for ATEX assistance, Elmleigh can help! Elmleigh are able to provide site audits to offer safety recommendations that support our ATEX compliant control panel design, installation and assembly services. Our team will be able to identify and advise on electrical work that may need to be actioned, if any faults or issues are detected.

Elmleigh have the knowledge and expertise to offer a range of services, ensuring your company’s project runs smoothly. To learn more about our ATEX installation services and how Elmleigh can help safeguard your operations in hazardous environments, give us a call on 01455 847045, or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

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