Industrial Electrical Installation Compliance: What You Need to Know

What are Electrical Installation Certificates and why are They Needed?

As is the golden rule of life: safety first! This is paramount when looking at electrical installations of any kind. They are relied upon to ensure the electrical safety of a particular property has been determined.

After work is carried out by an electrician, a test certificate should then be provided in confirmation that the electrical work has been thoroughly tested and deemed to be safe.

Electrical installation certificates are required to be issued when:

  • There is a new installation
  • A new circuit(s) has been integrated into an existing system
  • A circuit has been modified and this requires the protective device to be modified also


What is the Difference Between EIC’s and EICR’s?

With such similar terms, it is understandable that EIC’s and EICR’s can become confused; they actually refer to two different kinds of report.

An EIC is an Electrical Installation Certificate which, as aforementioned, must be supplied in response to all new electrical installations. It is issued by a qualified electrician to inform of and confirm the safety of any new installation. Any electrical work carried out is thus confirmed by the electrician to follow the BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations.)

An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report that will account for any damages, weakening or faults in the electrical system that may materialise into potential hazards. It is undertaken by another electrician to ensure the work is still in good working order. The EICR accounts for the wiring, fuse boards, plug sockets and light switches, but doesn’t include non-fixed appliances. For now, tests for portable appliances are not legally required but are always a good idea.

EICR inspections can only be carried out by an electrician who has the relevant qualifications and experience if they are to hold any validity, like our electricians at Elmleigh who hold C&G 2391 or equivalent training and ECS Gold Card registration.


The Importance of Using a Registered Electrician

Undertaking any form of electrical work should only be addressed by a registered electrician. It is dangerous work, if not done properly, so only an electrician that is fully qualified should take it on.

An electrical installation service that is carried out properly will massively reduce the risk of accident or injury arising from faulty electrical equipment.

Importantly, registered electricians are insured, so if anything was to unfortunately go wrong you would be protected. Therefore, it is worth choosing a registered electrician such as Elmleigh for peace of mind.


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