Revolutionary automated OOG parcel sort facility

West Midlands, UK, July 2018

Design, assembly and electrical installation of a fully automated conveyor system, designed to revolutionise the handling of OOG (Out of Gauge) and delicate parcels for a UK independent parcel carrier. 

Controlled from our main control panel and multiple remote panels, this new state of the art conveyor system was located alongside a larger fully automated sorting system for processing the bulky or delicate parcels which were previously sorted by hand. The conveyor system was designed by our partners to handle items up to 1.8m long and up to 0.9m wide and capable of processing up to 2,500 ‘metre-long’ items per hour to greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of the clients' out of gauge parcel sorting process. Our control system integrated the drives, motors and sensors to HMI interfaces, achieving Safety Performance Level D, whilst our installation team coordinated a successful install around this already operational facility.


Value £90K
Client UK Conveyor Manufacturer
Location West Midlands, UK
Time 5 Months

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